Preconstruction Services

Construction Services

Huaxia applies knowledge of construction services and current market conditions to make suggestions, evaluate alternatives, and offer advice to the project team. As a result of this early collaboration, Huaxia incorporates the required materials, systems, and elements into construction documents to efficiently and safely build the project without impacting the functional or aesthetic design.

You will realize significant cost savings through accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control.

As an added benefit, Huaxia offers the services of an internal Peer Review Team of seasoned construction professionals, who provide additional constructability advice before the design develops into a workable construction plan. In particular, Huaxia looks at the advantages of overlapping design with construction.

Huaxia’s early involvement in a project delivers added value. Huaxia delivers on-time substantiated cost estimates and price certainty based on a solid track record of project management and risk analysis experience. Huaxia can tailor budgets to fit any need.

Project Scheduling

Huaxia develops realistic, in-depth design and construction schedules and can tailor those schedules to meet any need.

Construction Planning

Project-specific execution plans ensure critical components of the project are incorporated into the overall construction plan.

Construction Risk Management

Price certainty, complemented with a risk-management plan anticipating market changes, can and will provide true costs to aid in sound business decisions.

Value Engineering

Huaxia is a construction company with a track record for examining design and construction alternatives that enhance the performance of the product, while providing opportunities for cost savings right from up-front design, and later into construction, operation, and maintenance.

Procurement & Expediting

Huaxia understands the impact of permitting, procurement, and commissioning schedules is paramount to the overall construction schedule.